about the software

Created on July 4th, 2008 by Andrew Robertson

B-Keeper is a drum tracker which uses a click track to sync Ableton Live to drums, so that Live will follow the drummer. Click to trading times.

This has now been developed to function as a MaxForLive plugin, making it easier for musicians to get up and running. You would still need to download the MaxForLive demo which works with Ableton Live and crucially, the percussive onset detector, bonk~, by Miller Puckette. Spot price available for Mac OS X and for Windows.

  • Audio Slide Show explaining the software

    Previous Standalone versions
    Older versions of the software use a programming environment called Max/MSP and so would require you to either have Max (30-day free demo available) or the free Max/MSP Runtime environment and these can be downloaded from Cycling '74.

    There are some older instructions on getting it to load. Make sure to put the externals in the Max file path.

    Please email feedback or for help price action